How to keep your cold foods cold.

Welcome to the Home Cooking Tip show! I am Stephen Rummey from and today I will be showing you how to keep your cold foods cold while travel with food and have food sitting out on tables for long periods of time. So here are some simple rules to keep in mind..

Tip #1: Often you have foods that while traveling need to stay cold. Use coolers and have them well iced using both ice AND ice packs.

Tip #2: Have a separate cooler for your drinks so that the food items will not be constantly exposed to air when drinks are being pulled out.

Tip #3. Each food container should be in tightly closed container, wrapped with cling wrap to help prevent moisture getting into the bowls from the melting ice.

Tip #4: Thaw meat in refrigerator overnight and wait till right before leaving to move into your coolers.

Tip #5. Place ice packs under and over any raw meat then cover with ice. A fully packed cooler retains and maintains the cold temps needed better than a half full cooler.

Tip #6. Whenever possible, place coolers in back seat of vehicles rather than in the trunks of cars and upon arrival of picnic area place cooler under tree’s with lots of shade to help retain coolness of the outer part of the cooler which in turn keeps the inner section of the cooler retaining its coldness.

Tip #7. Do not remove the meat until it is ready to go on the grill.

Do you have any other tips to keep your cold food cold or any comments or questions about these? Let us know by posting your comments below! Also, be sure to subscribe for more cooking videos and come back next week as we give you a few tips on how to keep your hot foods hot. I am Stephen Rummey and I would like to thank to my partner and COO Pam Upton for these great tips! See you next week!!

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