Home Cooked Tunes.

Home Cooked Tunes. 5/27/2012.

#1 Home Cooked Tune: Christian Kane – Let Me Go.

#2 Home Cooked Tune: Steve Carlson & Rosalee – I Believe.

#3 Home Cooked Tune: Dierks Bentley – Am I The Only One.

There you have it! Your top three picks of the week! Go vote for next weeks Home Cooked Tunes by clicking Here.

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Home Cooked Tunes – 5/20/2012

You voted and this week’s top pick was Christian Kane‘s “Let Me Go.”

Votes: 306. Percent: 93%.

Do you agree with this Home Cooked Tunes pick of the week? If so let us know by posting your comments below! If not, let us know who you think should be on the list by requesting and voting for your favorite cooking songs by going to the Home Cooked Tunes page!

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