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Share your home cooking photos with the world on the Home Cooking Secrets Network! It’s free and easy and it’s fun to do like fondue! Here’s what you will receive when you join the network!

When You Join the Network You will get:

  • Your photo(s) featured on the Home Cooking Secrets Network.
  • We’ll attribute your photo with the name given in the form.
  • Just send us a link to your photo(s) with a Title and Description and we’ll do the rest!
  • Your photo(s) will be seen on all our pages including, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and our official website. Reaching over 2,100+ dedicated food and cooking lovers from around the world!

Price: FREE!

Get started by filling out the quick and easy form below.

Terms and Conditions:

I hereby grant permission to Home Cooking Secrets, (to be referred to as HCS henceforth) full use of any and all pictures, videos and descriptions (to be referred to as product henceforth) forwarded to HCS for publication on any and all HCS current and future sites.

I understand that I shall receive no monetary reimbursement for said photo and description usage in either current or future endeavors. I grant permission of use of the above stated with the understanding that I shall be receiving full credit for the product via an attribution in the description box below my photo.

Please Note:

We hate spam/junk mail as much as you do and will never give away, sell or use your information for any purpose other than to contact you about this deal and your video submissions both now and in the future.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.


Home Cooking Secrets
Stephen Rummey (CEO) and Pam Upton (COO)

Important: You must own the copyright or have the necessary rights for any content you submit. All photo submissions will undergo a review and not all photos will be accepted.

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